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            About Us
            About us

            Shanghai Hualian low voltage electrical appliance Co., Ltd. (formerly called Shanghai Hualian low voltage electrical appliance factory). Built in late 80s, it is located in Songjiang Industrial Park, Shanghai. Enterprises in Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute for technical support, set design, production, manufacturing, sales and service as a whole, is the production of low-voltage electrical components of professional manufacturers, belonging to Chinese Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Shanghai electrical association. Its product sales all over the country, in many key projects in the country are selected our products.

            The company mainly produces low-voltage electrical products VRA series circuit breaker; DW17 (ME) series, DW15 series circuit breaker; VRMl series, VRMll series, VRMlE series, VRM2 series, VRM3 series, VRM3E series, VRM3L series, DZ20 series, DZ20L series MCCB and leakage breaker VRBl series, VRBlLE series, VRB2 series, VRB2L series miniature circuit breaker and small leakage circuit breaker, VRH -125 series of isolation switch, VRZGQ series self reset over-voltage protection delay VRQl, Xiao, VRQ2 series, VRSl series dual power switch device, high voltage electrical products are VRV-12 (C) series high voltage (side mounted vacuum circuit breaker) and VR (R) N series of indoor high-voltage vacuum load switch and other products.

            Enterprises have another high level of technology, production and management personnel and high-quality contingent of experienced staff. Advanced production technology, complete testing equipment, quality management body functioning normally. Since 2000, every year the ISO9001 quality system certification has been audited and certified, and the product quality has been trusted in the minds of users.

            Enterprise first-class product, first-class quality, first-class service, first-class management, to the quality of survival, variety and development, customer first is my enterprise purpose. Enterprise long-term focus on R & D high-end industrial electrical products, to meet customer demand and continuous efforts.


            President Speech

            Grounding ambition. Hualian appliances from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong...... Cannot do without support of preferential policies and leadership at all levels of the party, cannot do without the help and cooperation of friends from all walks of life, thank you very much, thanks to the support of friends and love, make us can overcome the development difficulties one after another, constantly enhance the confidence, courage, to realize the ambition. Hualian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is always committed to providing the best quality products and most sincere service to customers, and is committed to the development and production of safe electricity products. Hualian is a united friendly family; is a positive and progressive organization; is a confident, reflect the personal value of the stage, she has inspired wisdom and courage, she makes a successful and confident, and with considerable Hualian electric field has become the preferred brand of users. Development creates the future. Hualian Electric Appliance Company is making full preparations for becoming an important supplier of circuit breakers in asia. Now the achievements of the past, Hualian will continue to "ten years" of the spirit, and the community ", the revitalization of the national science and technology.


            Enterprise Process


            Shanghai Hualian L.V. Apparatus Co., Ltd. in 2003, incorporated in Shanghai.


            Through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification; "software enterprise certification; New 7 intellectual property rights; selected the first batch of" double top innovation team".


            Be selected as the top team of high-end equipment and equipment in Shanghai's "thousand plan" and obtain 4 items of trademark authorization.


            Founder of the "Shanghai talent plan" entrepreneurial talents, was named "Shanghai special expert."


            The "TUV" certification issued by the German authority of the foreign authorities has been awarded; the second batch of Shanghai science and technology support plan has been selected; and the certificate of "high and new technology enterprise" has been obtained.


            Products to achieve modular, industrial layout; enterprise ERP management platform cloud; enterprise marketing model for the next line of direct marketing and distribution; online Internet providers, mobile Internet micro business integrated model of embryonic establishment.

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